A few words from previous customers:

"... The build was beyond my expectations in every way ... Your attention to detail borders on obsession or is that a passion for your love of all things HEMI.", Jeff Hamilton

"... The Hemi started and ran flawlessly!! I am the proud owner of a "Hemihaines" built engine. ... A Eddie Haines Hemi will exceed your expectations!!!!", Butch Verbeck

"I have just entered a car show in my area and the talk was, "where did you find that Hemi"? Of course I said, 'It was built by Mr Eddie Haines himself'.", Jay Kroess

"He is the most Professional, "stick to the word" person, I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with!!", Lee & Karen Prather

"I know and trust Eddie to do the very best job possible. I highly recommend Eddie Haines...", Dewey Parks

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Classic HEMI Engine Restoration | 440 Wedge Engine Repair

"Offering the finest Classic HEMI Engine building and restoration services in the world"

Hemi Engine Videos | Hemi Engines For Sale | Hemi Restoration

Eddie Haines has been building and restoring HEMI Engines for over 34 years.  This web site describes his journey from personal experience and demonstrates his skill at restoring classic HEMI and WEDGE engines to like-new / museum quality high performance machines.  Eddie is always accepting new engine restoration projects and can work to make your American Muscle Car & Engine combo dream a reality.  Eddie lives and works out of the Daytona Beach, Florida area.  Give him a call today to discuss your project.

I have built many race Hemi engines that have compained down some of the most famous racetracks in America and also restored one that was featured at Barret Jackson in Palm Beach, Florida.

Hemihaines was featured in Hot Rod and Restoration magazine, in the November 2008 issue. Did you get your copy?

Hemihaines is listed in Hot Rod magazine as a Hemi Engine builder, in the July 2012 issue.

I have built Hemi engines for people all over the USA and Canada and now making there way all over  Europe.

This Web site is always under construction.  I offer Parts, Sales and Service on early and late model Hemi engines.

I can find and build you just about any early Hemi engine. Just request so. I also have a source on blower manifolds for tall DeSoto Hemis.

So, If it is a blown, fuel injected or naturally aspirated Hemi you want, send me an Email.

Click on Early Hemi Engines and or Hemi Photos to view more engine pictures.

Late model (426)Hemi engines are known for tuning issues, smoking and oil related problems. Oil does not belong in the combustion chamber. I use every precaution to fix oil inherent problems such as Tighter skirt to wall clearances, tighter rod to rod clearances, proper bore finish with torque plates, ring selection and end gaps. I keep the valve guide clearances and stem seals a secret. This fixes all the major oil related problems. Tuning is dealt with, in the intake manifold, carburetion and Ignition.

Today I build Hemi engines that have years of research and development. The 426 Hemi engines of today are built to be exceptionally strong, durable street engines running on pump gas for your Hemi project, with a minimum of maintenance. These engines will provide exceptional torque, 15 inches of manifold vacuum at idle and consistent 75-80 lbs of oil pressure. The versatility of using the Stage V heads, needs a simple cam upgrade to make a competitive bracket motor.

The foundation of these engines, are the New and vastly improved Mopar Performance block. Part number 5007668ab from the latest machining facility. These blocks are delivered with under size bores that need only final honing to specifications with my own torque plates. The blocks are cleansed, deburred , parallel decked, align honed by Express Engines in Deland, Fl. This shop specializes in professional high dollar off-shore racing engines.

The 4340 crankshaft is supplied by Eagle or Scat with an 8 bolt flange. K1,Manley or RPM, Supplies the 4340 H-beam connecting rods.(K1 holds the tightest machining tolerances in the industry). Clevite 77 MS1795V Main and CB527HND Rod bearings, Diamond forged 10.5 to 1 pistons with , Sealed power file fit Moly rings. This foundation for the short block is simply a tried and  true performer.

Stage V heads are the key to this engines power and versatility. If you are not familiar with the Stage V heads, they are the highest quality, most accurate machined head for the 426 Hemi with significantly improved stock style ports. Modeled after the 1965 Race Hemi, the intake port is much larger than todays reconfigured  Mopar Performance head. This is a high flow at low lift design. The exhaust port is slightly smaller than todays Mopar Performance head but the design results in increased combustion evacuation speed and scavenging during overlap. It's termed a "whistle port design". In stock for, Stage V heads out-flow any original street Hemi casting. All stock style intake and exhaust products work well with these heads. All Hemi cylinder head and block machine work is done at Express Engines in Deland, Fl. I highly recommend this shop for there accuracy and dedication to their work.

I choose to use the Stage V aluminum 2x4Bbl Intake manifold is superior because of tune ability. Its structure affords the same distance from the primaries to the intake valves, on all eight cylinders. The original intake has different length runners, making tuning impossible. So, since the runners are of equal length in the Stage V intake, Increased torque and fuel distribution throughout the rpm range are key benefits. Using the Edelbrock 600cfm carburetors is my opinion, "the only way to go". They are perfect out of the box, for me.

The balanced rotating assembly are crucial components, that  are well researched and tested. They work very well and compliment one another.

The rest of the engine components (such as the Camshaft, Ignition and Fuel system,Etc.) will vary per project but continue the same standards, by using the industries leaders.

Make sure to click on HEMI PHOTOS to view engines, and  about me, and what I do.


American Muscle Car Engines For Sale

Does your dream demand the high powered American Muscle car experience? When rebuilding a classic car, you'll need a often need a big and powerful HEMI or WEDGE engine to drive your beautiful vehicle. Eddie Haines has learned from the best and from personal experience. Put your next HEMI/Wedge engine restoration project in the hands of an expert you can trust and always delivers the results that exceed expectations.

Repaired/Rebuilt Dodge Red Ram, Chrysler FirePower, DeSoto FireDome Engines For Sale

The HEMI Engine was branded under many names during its history. No matter the type of Classic HEMI engine, Eddie Haines can bring it back to life with factory specs to make your car restoration project a complete success. Call today to put the most important part of you dream car in good hands.

Classic HEMI and WEDGE Engines For Sale

Looking to restore a WEDGE Engine or HEMI engine for one of the popular MOPAR cars during the 1950's through 1970's? You've found the right man for the job. Give Eddie a call to discuss your restoration or repair project. For over 25 years, Eddie has been excited about restoring the original beauty and performance of HEMI engines and American Muscle Cars. The HEMI engine was popular in production cars during the 50's and early 70's in cars and also in racing as one of the fastest engines on the market. Manufacturers such as Chrysler (FirePower Engine), DeSoto (FireDome Engine), Dodge (Red Ram Engine), and Plymouth were in aggressive competition during what is often called the "Horsepower Wars". The Chryster 426 HEMI Engine was so fast in 1964 that in 1965 it was banned from NASCAR races. HEMI Engines have a hemispherical combustion chamber that was great for efficient airflow and torque. The name HEMI has become synonymous with BIG and POWERFUL and these types of engines helped to shape the state of the art in racing and street cars during their time on the market.

Restoration of HEMI and WEDGE Engines for American Muscle MOPAR Cars

Are you restoring a classic car that requires a HEMI or WEDGE engine under the hood, but yours is non-functioning, rusted out and a fraction of its former self? HEMI Haines has seen them all and can help you restore the engine or build a new one that will be to factory specs to make your car the ultimate replica and in like-new condition. Whether its a Barracuda, Charger, Road Runner, Coronet, Challenger, GTX, or another American Muscle Car, HEMI haines can bring it back to its original glory with a restored HEMI Engine that runs like new.

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