A few words from previous customers:

"... The build was beyond my expectations in every way ... Your attention to detail borders on obsession or is that a passion for your love of all things HEMI.", Jeff Hamilton

"... The Hemi started and ran flawlessly!! I am the proud owner of a "Hemihaines" built engine. ... A Eddie Haines Hemi will exceed your expectations!!!!", Butch Verbeck

"I have just entered a car show in my area and the talk was, "where did you find that Hemi"? Of course I said, 'It was built by Mr Eddie Haines himself'.", Jay Kroess

"He is the most Professional, "stick to the word" person, I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with!!", Lee & Karen Prather

"I know and trust Eddie to do the very best job possible. I highly recommend Eddie Haines...", Dewey Parks

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American Muscle Car Hemi Engine Restoration & Repair /

241 HEMI Engine Photos | Restoration | Engines For Sale

1953 241 Dodge Red Ram HEMI

Signed documents and engine signature plate all from Don Garlits.This plate bolts on where the generator was.Between the intake and the waterpump housing.

Left motor mount

Modified motor mounts for use in B or E bodied cars.Oilpan was a little thin on the bottom. So I welded a small block sump on .You can't tell from this picture,but It looks very professional.

This is the engine mount that will allow you to use in B or E body cars

Lower left side of engine

Lower right side of engine

Lower right front of engine

Lower right rear of engine

Digital pictures are great.Lets see CSI fix this one!

Top view of engine

Upper front view

Powdered coated wrinkle black Dodge Red Ram valve covers

Upper rear view

Rear view (clutch,flywheel,adapter,dist. and etc).

Left upper rear view

Left upper front view

Stromberg 2 barrel

Engine serial # D44-57715 (blurred)

Modern late model alternator and fuel pump

As it sat in the car

Custom motor mounts

As it sat in the car

Thank you Kelly for believing in me and for the famous plate.You are loved.

Choke heat tube

10 1/2 23 spline clutch

Classic HEMI and WEDGE Engines For Sale

Looking to restore a WEDGE Engine or HEMI engine for one of the popular MOPAR cars during the 1950's through 1970's? You've found the right man for the job. Give Eddie a call to discuss your restoration or repair project. For over 25 years, Eddie has been excited about restoring the original beauty and performance of HEMI engines and American Muscle Cars. The HEMI engine was popular in production cars during the 50's and early 70's in cars and also in racing as one of the fastest engines on the market. Manufacturers such as Chrysler (FirePower Engine), DeSoto (FireDome Engine), Dodge (Red Ram Engine), and Plymouth were in aggressive competition during what is often called the "Horsepower Wars". The Chryster 426 HEMI Engine was so fast in 1964 that in 1965 it was banned from NASCAR races. HEMI Engines have a hemispherical combustion chamber that was great for efficient airflow and torque. The name HEMI has become synonymous with BIG and POWERFUL and these types of engines helped to shape the state of the art in racing and street cars during their time on the market.

Restoration of HEMI and WEDGE Engines for American Muscle MOPAR Cars

Are you restoring a classic car that requires a HEMI or WEDGE engine under the hood, but yours is non-functioning, rusted out and a fraction of its former self? HEMI Haines has seen them all and can help you restore the engine or build a new one that will be to factory specs to make your car the ultimate replica and in like-new condition. Whether its a Barracuda, Charger, Road Runner, Coronet, Challenger, GTX, or another American Muscle Car, HEMI haines can bring it back to its original glory with a restored HEMI Engine that runs like new.

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